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About Us

Hi, this is Sascha from wunderbar.
The German word “Wunderbar” means “wonderful”. And we think this word is a good description of what we do.
The short story: Any of your purchases supports a young artist or athlete and gives her or him the opportunty to take another milestone on the way to a professional career.

The store actually is a family business that’s being run by my wife and me. We live and work in Phuket, Thailand and we have a small daughter born in December 2017 – about the same time when the idea for this website came up.

My wife runs a clothing business and a hair salon here in Phuket and my main profession is digital compositing (vfx, visual effects). I am 20 years in vfx business for advertisement and movies and by now run my film business (http://www.remotevfx.com) remotely from Phuket in order to have more time for the family. That’s also why I am the one in charge here most of the time because I pend my days on the conmputer and on the phone anyway, haha. The phone number you see here on the contacts page of the website is my personal mobile number. – I’ve spent the last 20 years traveling and working all over the world and tend buy a lot of things from online stores. I also constantly made bad experiences with fraud sites. That’s why I want this one here to be 100% transparent. If you’re in doubt of anything or have any questions, please add me on Whatsapp and we can talk about any of your questions. The same certainly goes for any artist or athletes request. Please feel free to use this number and send me a message. This is a real human behind this shop!


The whole idea is certainly to make money by what the do and offer. But the difference to any other shop I know is the following:
We are looking for young people who want to start a career in street sports or design, and anything that is incomparable to the regular career paths. Our plan is to offer a personal design line of clothing like t-shirts, hoodies and other items that will help to make a milestone in the way up to a professional living. We support BMX drivers, Skaters, and anyone who does want to make a living in a sports career. We do all designs for free, set them up as products and put them on sale here on the store as well as on Amazon and other marketplaces. The clothes we sell are all print on demand. This means that a big portion of the retail price is spent for the printing and fulfillment service we use. We use services from Amazon, Printful, Lazada and others. This depends on the product and the sales region. The profit margins that are left after print and fulfillment are shared 50/50 with the respective athlete or artist we feature with the artwork.

The idea behind is that it is a huge push in motivation for a young man or woman to get backed by a service like this. It’s a good credit to have your own tees on the roaster and to get more attention. We don’t see ourselves as a classic sponsor like any big brand out there but we think we are one really good first step towards getting one of these big sponsors in the future.

And we are completely transparent. In order to prove this in a way, here’s the answer to your most probably question right now – why do we do it and what is our benefit?
Right… Selling a tee for an unknown athlete is not an easy thing compared to selling a tee with eg Christiano Ronaldo on it. And despite from that, we don’t do a huge cut per item. But we deliver this platform and we believe in the idea that the more people use it, the more athletes will benefit from it. This idea is designed to grow and make a benefit in the future instead of a quick grab of money. Every item you buy is actually a support for the respective athlete featured. You support their purse for tentative activities like contest fees, travel expenses and other things. In return you can see how they evolve and fire up their professional careers. That’s the whole idea.


We really hope you enjoy our website and of course we hope that you find something that you like to buy and wear. We want to encourage any of our customers to send us pictures of their purchases. It is so cool to see someone being happy with the products we create and it means a lot to us and also the young people we work with. And of course there are coupons for those who agree if we can share their product pictures here on the website.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to drop me a line! Besides business issues, it's alwazs great to meet new people around the globe!

Comments, suggestions and feedback are always appreciated!
Thnkas a lot,


What can we do for you ?

Support 24/7

you can reach us on e-mail (contact@wunderbar.store) or on whatsapp at +66900123425 or on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/wunderbar.world)

Best Quality

All products that we offer are from top manufacturers. All printings and fulfillment for the USA and Canada are Made in USA, all European products are Made in Europe. In some occasions we decide to cross transfer products (e.g. when there is a longer shortage on garment colors in one market) but we do strictly manufacture in USA and Europe for both respective markets.

Fastest Delivery

As we fulfil orders of US and Canadian Customers in Charlotte, NC, and Los Angeles, CA and Orders form Europen Customers in Riga, Latvia, all supply and delivery chains are pretty short. Fulfilment (printing and shipping) of your orders usually doesn't take more than 6 business days. The shipping itself can be 1 day for express orders or about 5 working days for domestic economy orders. We offer several different services in speed and cost in between those two options depending on your location. You can easily select them upon your checkout when you order products. Every order of 50$ and above is subject to free shipping. The free shipping is usually the economy option which means it's not the fastest but the cheapest. However, if you reach or breach these 50$ and want to make sure you get a discounted express delivery instead of a free economy fare, please kindly drop us a line and we will assist you on that!

Customer Care

Customer care is something we literally take very personal. As mentioned before – we are a family business. Whatever inquiry you might have. Once you reach out to one of the offered contact addresses you will reach one of us in person!