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Skate for life – skate for a living. There’s a huge amount of passion, work, and patience between those two. For those of you who really want to move it from hobby to a pro level, this means a lot of decisions and planning, making contacts, doing pr and practicing, practicing, practicing.
We are looking for you. Please contact us. We might have an interesting idea and a fair offer for you to make the first step and add a milestone to your vita!
It is 100% free! Wunderbar offers affiliate partnerships with our artists, so you can start your own design line, get features here in the community as well as on our social media sites.
No strings attached, no hidden agenda. Our concept is to bring together young athletes and young artists and offer a platform so they can propel each other.
Interested? Drop us a line here or send us an e-mail to contact@wunderbar.store

Thanks to Josh Marshall for the picture!!

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