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Welcome Brad Frederick – BMX For Life!

Brad lives In the USA in Skowhegan, Maine and is a 1001% passionate BMX athlete. He started riding when he was 15. Brad self-taught his skills and now after more than half a decade of riding he decided to turn his long time passion into a straight forward plan for the future. As a skilled driver Brad also discovered his preference in welding as he likes to pimp and optimize his bike. While training on the bike at the local skatepark he also discovered that teaching younger kids and mentoring them is not only a joyful thing to do but also a way to increase his own motivation to move forward and improve his skills.
Being a skilled driver with extraordinary talents but living in an area where BMX isn’t considered a big sport movement comes with certain obstacles. It’s not going to be a smooth and straight road but that’s what life is about and we’re so impressed about him and his story hat we want to support him and give him a platform here.
We welcome Brad on board and are excited about the future cooperation with him! Please stay tuned and follow us as we want to cover his story and his ongoing strive for a career in BMX sport.